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CNC Milling

Glock Compensator


2-port Glock Compensator, fits your 9mm Glock (17, 19, 26, 34) or .40 Caliber Glock (22, 23, 27). This device directs outward gases upward, accomplishing the twin goals of shooting flatter and less felt recoil. The size of the compensator will make...

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Quiet Shuttle System


  Quiet Shuttle System This replaces the traditional buffer spring in the AR platform, and is designed to be quiet and tunable. Uses: further quieting of suppressed ARs, additional tuning of the gas/recoil system, and less erratic recoil from...

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The Spike


Brand new, The Spike replaces the spring retainer cup on your 1911 to make it a teensy bit more aggressive. Made of 316 Stainless Steel, it’s designed to fit in guns that have a front bushing, non-bull-barrel.

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Titanium Muzzle Brake


Our in house made in america muzzle breaks constructed of solid titanium, this muzzle brake has a iodized finish to products against damage from heat and corrosion. Four horizontal ports reduce felt recoil and three top ports lessen muzzle rise. Keep...

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